Where and how can I shoot my film and/or series safely, securely and significantly reduce crew, shoot days and financial risk?

The short answer is, DOVETALE MEDIA.

Our team has hands on physical production backgrounds, so we understand well the stresses and difficulties of working on motion pictures.

We are filmmakers who write, develop, finance, produce, post and distribute,

and as a result are always looking for ways to adapt to an ever-changing independent motion picture landscape and help all producers in our community. Whether it’s providing tailored financial structures for productions and finance support, or by using our creative relationships and story knowledge to help resolve challenges throughout the process, we will be of service.

We are intensely aware that film production is being revolutionized by virtual production technologies.

Production is a financial and creative process, and we aim to provide support in both areas all the way through to delivery. We feel we are unique and somewhat disruptive in our industry because of the weight of importance we place on the pre-prodcution, previs and post-production processes of making motion pictures. “Prep, Previsualization and Post is where we spend most of our creative process of making motion pictures and it cannot be underestimated as to its importance in creating quality story”.

Lastly, Dovetale prides itself in responsible spending,

meaning we understand that ultimately making high quality motion picture content is not reliant on spending more money, it’s reliant on spending wisely and creating yield within the actual financing of the picture, not on the hope of a high risk upside.