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Christopher Rush Harrington

A former athlete turned actor and went on to develop and produce over sixteen feature films and was Creator and Founder of several technology, film and Television companies. Christopher is a twenty eight year veteran in the industry. 

In 2012 he co-founded and started an international production and post-production facility in ONTARIO, CANADA, Outpost Media that helped build an industry in the Northern territory and  developed, produced and posted twelve feature films within a 3 year period, all of which received global distribution. 

Christopher then went on to join forces with SUGAR STUDIOS to launch SUGAR PICTURES in Los Angeles. Sugar Pictures went on to finance, Executive Produce and post dozens of globally distributed feature films.

Currently Christopher is helping to launch DOVETALE MEDIA, a creative media investment company, to help alleviate the pain point of a shortage of production resources with unique leading edge technologies, production strategies and financial structuring in an ever-changing industry.  Currently under the Dovetale Media banner, Christopher is developing a state of the art LED Virtual Wall solution, several film and TV projects & shooting and editing the Documentary, RENEGADES, the story behind the creators of the blockbuster.  Christopher is a member of PGA and SAG. 

Christina Laughlin
Chief Creative Officer

The youngest to the Godparents of independent film, Tom Laughlin and Delores Taylor (Creators of EILLY JACK franchise) grew up on film sets and in Production offices, Christina learned every facet of the film business from some of its most legendary players. 


After working on multiple features, television shows, and modeling for Seventeen, Christina went on to UC Berkeley and dove deep into activism..


Christina was whisked away by the work and dedication of GREEN PEACE.  She spent a year working to help fight the inhumane treatment of animals here and throughout the world.  Christina married at the age of 26 and soon after adopted her first child from Cambodia.  Her dedication and commitment to becoming a mother inspired her to start writing again.  


She soon started writing for the Huffington Post and became a prolific screen writer and script doctor for Outpost Media.  TodayChristina is co-owner of the BILLY JACK franchise and Co-Founder of DOVETAIL MEDIA.  Currently Christina is writing and Producing the Documentary, RENEGADES and is developing the Frank Capra classic, “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington” as a streaming Series.  She is spearheading and developing a slate of feature film IP as well as series IP under the DOVETAIL MEDIA banner. 

John C. Daldin

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Michael Wright


Mr. Wright has been involved in media industry for over twenty-five years in various positions in agency packaging, development, distribution, financing, and production. 

Over his career, Michael has enjoyed stints at 20th Century Fox, Ninth House, Warner Brothers, Triad Artists, Samuel Goldwyn & SilverScreen Pictures.  Mr. Wright has produced over 15 feature films and TV pilots, written and directed a Stephen King film, created the first of its kind, online interactive, live action game, while continuing to write content for studios and various independent film and TV companies. 


Mr. Wright is a member of the PGA, WGA and WGC as well as a certified Covid Compliance Officer for the media industry.

Jacob Silver
VP Production

Burt Warner

Director of Studio Operations